Editorial Photographer Atlanta, GA


Ludacris For Jezebel Magazine

Had the recent pleasure to photograph Ludacris for the cover and inside feature of Jezebel Magazine. We were granted permission to shoot inside of the brand spanking new SunTrust Park that is the new home for the Atlanta Braves. 

Luda is into photography and he had a lot of questions about the Phase One I was shooting with. In return for sharing some photography hints and tricks with him he taught me a great technique that I have now used on about six more shoots.

When we started with our first look he told me that I didn't have to worry about getting a good smile out of him or natural looks because he keeps a playlist of his favorite comedians on his phone and that keeps him smiling and looking engaged. He was playing it on his phone speakers so I pulled out a small bluetooth speaker I always travel with and it was amazing. The entire crew was laughing and it made for such a great shoot. I typically play music on set but I've been playing more and more stand up for those times I need someone happy and upbeat.