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Making Portraits Personal :: (Two day workshop. Max 8 students.) :: When you have learned all the rules of lighting and posing for portraiture, it is time to start breaking those rules.

I have spent years working on the technical side of the craft and now I am breaking out of my comfort zone. I have begun making portraits that matter to me personally far more than whatever technique was used to capture them. Working with ordinary subjects in ordinary locations, I am striving to make unordinary portraits. 

This class is for the intermediate to advanced photographer who has a foundational understanding of exposure and lighting techniques. I will be working with you to break you out of your ordinary way of shooting portraits to create something more personal for you as a photographer. These aren’t photos for the subjects. These are photographs for you.

Day One :: 10am - 2pm - We will meet at my studio in Atlanta where I will discuss the importance of personal work, how I approach my own personal projects, and I will demonstrate lighting techniques that you might want to consider for the next day. We'll head to a local pub for lunch after we wrap up at the studio.

Day Two :: 8:30am - 6pm - For this class we will be working in a 113 year old house on the Decatur square in Atlanta, GA. I will separate you into small groups and give you a subject to work with. I will be on hand to assist, offer lighting advice, and give feedback as you shoot.

Cost - $900
Limited to 8 students

Gear you will need to bring :: Bring whatever gear you want to this workshop. I will be supplying strobes, hot shoe flashes, triggers, hot lights, modifiers, stands, reflectors, and other misc. grip items. 

If you are traveling into Atlanta for one of my workshops you can find my lodging and transportation suggestions here.

Current 2018 Dates

Saturday, June 23rd - Sunday, June 24th :: Atlanta


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