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Portfolio Editing & Sequencing :: (1 day workshop. Max 4 Students.) One of the biggest challenges we photographers face is editing and sequencing our work. Many times you need a fresh perspective on your work to help you in this process. I, for one, can not edit and sequence my own work. I'm too close to it. I get emotionally attached to some of my work that I should just let go of. Some work I shoot that I dismiss as not being strong enough for my portfolio can sometimes be a visual segue that I would not have thought of. An outside person can help you define your strengths and point out areas you need to work on. 

If you are struggling with culling and editing your work then this workshop is for you. I have been helping photographers in this process since I was in photography school twenty years ago. My teachers back then told me that if I never made it as a photographer I could always be a good photo editor. I hate doing this for my work but I love helping other photographers through this process. 

When you sign up for this workshop I will ask you to send me 150 - 300 of your images at 2500px wide on the longest side. You can send that via dropbox or a similar service. I'll have a form for you to fill out that has some basic questions about your work and the direction you are heading in. For the day of the workshop we will work together and go through each person's large edit and work to cut that in half. We'll get lunch and come back and go into round two for each person. Once we have finished the second edit we will then begin the sequencing process. We'll make small test prints of this edit and start laying it out and discuss what stays and what goes from there. 

At the end of the workshop you will have a solid set of images that represents who you are as a photographer. You'll have insight into areas you are doing well in and areas where you need to work on a particular skill set or type of imagery that you need to capture to fill in the holes. Having a trusted voice who has been through this process many times is invaluable. I know, because I have to go through this process with my work. 

Gear you will need to bring - Bring your laptop and an external hard drive with additional work on it in case you need to dumpster dive for an image or two during the sequencing part of the day. I may say something like, "If only you had a picture of ____ " And... You may just have such a picture. Other than that you won't need anything else.

If you are traveling into Atlanta for one of my workshops you can find my lodging and transportation suggestions here.

Cost - $400
Limited to 4 students

Current 2019 Dates

If you are interested in this but can't make it to a workshop, I offer this as a stand alone service for $650. Find more information here.