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Photo Editing Service


One of the biggest challenges we photographers face is editing and sequencing our work. Many times you need a fresh perspective on your work to help you in this process. I, for one, can not edit and sequence my own work. I'm too close to it. I get emotionally attached to some of my work that I should just let go of. Some work I shoot that I dismiss as not being strong enough for my portfolio can sometimes be a visual segue that I would not have thought of. An outside person can help you define your strengths and point out areas you need to work on. 

If you are struggling with culling and editing your work I can help you. I have been helping photographers in this process since I was in photography school twenty years ago. My teachers back then told me that if I never made it as a photographer I could always be a good photo editor. I hate doing this for my work but I love helping other photographers through this process. I can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in your work that will give you insight into your process as you move forward. 

Please note that I am best suited for portrait and product photographers working in the genres of family portraiture, child portraiture, editorial photography, commercial and corporate photography, and weddings. These are all areas of the industry I have worked in and I am experienced with. I am not a good fit for architecture, food, or fine art photographers. My standard price includes sequencing up to three categories of your work. I.E. Portraits, Product, & Travel -or- Families, Children, & Seniors. If you feel your work needs to be segmented beyond three categories please contact me so we can discuss it further and I can give you a quote for your edit.

How this works

I'll have you send me around 300 of your best images at 2,500px wide on the longest edge. We'll have an initial Skype or FaceTime conversation about your work, goals, and I'll have some questions for you. Via screen capture, I will then record each part of the process of culling your work down through two or three edits. Once I feel I have a pretty strong collection of your work together, I will then start sequencing your work.

Some images may not make the cut here or I may dive back into your larger edit when I find something works better. There's a lot of back and forth at this stage.  I may get back in touch with you to ask if you have another image or two similar to something else you initially sent in. Once I feel I have it pulled together I'll send my edit to you along with all the screen capture videos. Once you have viewed all the content, we can then have a final Skype or FaceTime conversation about it. 

The total cost is $650. I require a $300 deposit to start the process and the final payment is due before I deliver the videos and final sequence. This process usually takes me seven to ten days and I only accept two a month at this time.  Fill out the form below if you are interested in having me edit your work. 

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